Keep Track of Your Microfiber Mops

Technology-Enabled Mop Accountability Program - Increased Trackability of Microfiber Mops

Do you know where your mops are? Hospitals’ environmental services departments constantly struggle with their mops. From significant attrition to high replacement purchases and difficulty maintaining inventory, mops can quickly become a costly supply that is difficult to manage.

Additionally, being unable to track mops means you cannot ensure infection prevention cleaning process compliance by your housekeeping team. 

The fully managed Mop Accountability Program from ImageFIRST can help. The program leverages an easy-to-use cabinet with a compact footprint to securely store and dispense RFID-chipped microfiber mops, giving you inventory visibility and loss accountability. Our hospital-grade microfiber mops paired with our Mop Accountability Program will help keep your facility clean and safe for your staff and patients.

What is The ID-360 Solution? Using radio frequency identification (RFID), a form of wirelessID 360 Solution: where technology meets inventory management communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects, this safe and proven technology allows for fast scanning of multiple items at once, providing accurate and real-time reporting. UHF stands for “Ultra High Frequency”, which is the latest in RFID technology.

Benefits of the Mop Accountability Program

Staff Accountability & Compliance

Never Run Out of Inventory

Lower Costs

Simple & Compact

How to Use the SystemID card being scanned at Mop Accountability System and Program - ImageFIRST

  1. Your Customer Advocate will ensure your System is fully stocked with our RFID-chipped Green and Red Microfiber Wet Flat Mops.
  2. When your staff needs mops, they can simply scan the code on their unique ID card.
  3. The System will automatically open in about 2 seconds.
  4. Staff can remove the mops that they need, close the door to the System, and begin using the clean mops.
  5. The System tracks who removed what mops and how many.

A Fully Managed Program for Cost Management 

Mops can be difficult to keep track of, while mop attrition and loss can be a hefty expense for your facility. With ImageFIRST’s Mop Accountability Program, your facility can securely maintain your mop inventory with a simple, compact solution. The program includes the rental and laundry of mops to ensure you are meeting your infection prevention goals while managing costs. Safeguard your patients and your staff with our industry-leading wash process for your microfiber mops and other linens.

With the ImageFIRST Mop Accountability Program, you automatically receive these critical elements of infection prevention to keep your staff and patients safe, while ensuring staff accountability and minimizing loss in your facility.

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