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Fully Managed Linen Programs Designed for Hospital Outpatient Facilities

Do your linens reflect the level of care you are providing? At ImageFIRST, we value patient satisfaction as much as you do. With our variety of patient gowns, including our luxurious Comfort Care® gowns and our quality linen, our fully managed program helps your patients feel more relaxed during their visit to your facility.

Our linen programs, designed for hospital outpatient departments, can be customized to fit your needs, whether that is providing comfortable gowns and crisp white sheets for patients, freeing up your staff from managing linen inventory, or even helping improve your patient’s overall experience — ImageFIRST manages your linen so you can focus on providing excellent care.

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How ImageFIRST Supports Hospital Outpatient Departments

Providing quality patient care is your number one goal, and linen plays its part. Are your linens positively impacting the patient experience in your hospital outpatient unit? Ours do.

Our linen program offers the patient gowns, bed and bath linen and scrubs you need to elevate the level of service that you provide to patients. Our exclusive Comfort Care gowns and premium bed and bath linens are ideal options for a variety of hospital outpatient departments where patient comfort is foremost, such as Mother & Baby units, Sleep Center floors, Imaging units, or any setting that you wish to provide exceptional luxury and quality to your patients.

We also offer fully managed linen programs with curated products tailored to fit the needs of various facilities, such as Acute Care facilities and Hospitals.

Products Tailored to Hospital Outpatient Departments

Indulge your patients with our spa-like patient bed and bath linens that are made for your unit where you wish to provide superior comfort to your patients during their stay. Pair these linens with our remarkably cozy Comfort Care premium patient gowns to complete the memorable patient experience.

If you want to evoke the relaxing images that a day at a spa conjures, our products will show your patients how you’re bringing a touch of elegance to your practice.

Fully Managed Programs for Hospital Outpatient Care Units

We don’t just deliver quality linen to your facility; we also fully manage your inventory for you. Along with our industry-leading laundering processes to sanitize your linens, we also provide you with direct access to a dedicated representative, which we call a Customer Advocate, who helps manage your linen inventory to ensure you have enough to meet your needs. Our innovative ScrubVAULT® System can also dispense and track scrubs for your staff.

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Hospital Outpatient Department Testimonials

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ImageFIRST is the largest national healthcare laundry service partner working with hospital outpatient departments like yours.