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Back On My Feet Changes Lives One Step at a Time

ImageFIRST, having a positive impact on our associates, our community, our customers and their patients is at the center of everything we do, from our quarterly giving activities to our associate appreciation programs.

We’re not alone in that mission: we partner with nationwide charitable initiatives dedicated to making life better for people in need. Back On My Feet is one such organization that we’re particularly proud to partner with.

What is Back On My Feet?

Back On My Feet is a non-profit organization that seeks to radicalize how we approach solving homelessness. New members who want to get out of homelessness run with the organization three times a week, and if they make it through this first phase of the program with a 90% attendance rate in 30 days, they move on to the “Next Steps” phase of job training, education, housing access and employment opportunities.

The idea is that folks struggling with homelessness need to restore strength, confidence and hope first - then move on to getting back on their feet. And it works: 50% of participants gain stable employment and housing.

What Role Does ImageFIRST Play?

We’ve partnered with Back On My Feet in multiple markets, including right here in Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia. The General Manager of our Chicago location, Scott Majewski, even sits on the board of the Back On My Feet Chicago Chapter.

One of our associates at ImageFIRST Chicago, Lindsey Crittle, is a perfect example of how much Back On My Feet helps people who need a boost on their journey towards stability. Lindsey successfully completed the first phase of Back On My Feet, and when it came time to enter into the next steps of the program, Back On My Feet helped him prepare for his ImageFIRST interview and secure his current position.

As Lindsey explains in a recent video celebrating Back On My Feet’s fifth year, the organization also paid for Lindsey’s metro and bus passes - an expense that can be an obstacle for someone just starting out in a job after a period of homelessness.

How Can You Help?

You can help the new members of Back On My Feet by making a donation. $100, for example, is worth a month of transportation to work for someone like Lindsey. If you’re a current ImageFIRST customer, you are partnering with a company dedicated to helping the community by working with organizations like Back On My Feet.

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