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HEALTHCARE ALERT – ImageFIRST Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #5

Thank you to all the healthcare workers who are fearlessly serving on the front line. We stand with you and are here to support you.  Now more than ever, we want to communicate the steps we are taking to ensure uninterrupted service to you and your teams.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has identified ImageFIRST as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”. This ruling allows us to maintain our normal schedules, thus supporting our customers, their patients, and our community.

Our Business Continuity Plan continues to prove effective, providing us with the people, product, supplies, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and backups necessary to ensure uninterrupted service during this exceptionally challenging period.

As we continue to learn more from healthcare and public policy officials, we have extreme confidence in our processes and ability to safely handle soiled product, including linens which potentially may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  ImageFIRST, in the interest of extreme caution, is prepared to process such product as follows:

  1. Product potentially contaminated with COVID-19 must be identified, kept separate and brought to the attention of your ImageFIRST Service Representative
  2. Laundry bags containing this product must be securely closed to prevent product fallout; and
  3. When possible, we ask you to let this product sit at least 6 hours after use before we pick up.

As always, we appreciate our customers' cooperation and value their trust in us.  We are committed to providing our customers' staff and patients with a safe service and hygienically clean products.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will continue to communicate, as necessary.

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