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Introducing ImageFIRST’s Fully-Managed Scrub and Lab Coat Solutions

Is your healthcare facility struggling to manage scrub inventory? Plenty of facilities run into problems like having the wrong sizes or staff members accidentally wearing their scrubs home. Ultimately, these seemingly minor glitches can result in major shortages and high replacement costs.

At ImageFIRST, we don’t think your staff should have to struggle with inventory management hassles or worry about scrub shortages. And we know you don’t want to take any more time away from patient care, either. That’s why we’ve developed fully-managed scrub and lab coat programs that utilize cutting-edge technology to keep track of your inventory.

Our solutions help health system departments and medical offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico get linen inventory under control so that staff members can focus on what really matters: their patients.

So, how exactly do we do it? It all starts with UHF RFID technology.

UHF RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to track and identify objects. “UHF” stands for “ultra high frequency,” which is the latest in RFID technology.

After seeing how our customers in the medical industry used RFID to track equipment, we realized that we could use it to help them track scrubs.

By implementing a UHF RFID chip in each lab coat and pair of scrubs, we can help you keep track of who borrowed scrubs, when and whether they were returned, and what sizes were taken. This way, you can know what you’re missing and locate them. This helps you to avoid shortages, minimize loss, and keep an accurate inventory.

In addition to this technology, we also offer fully-managed programs so that you always have the appropriate inventory, based on your unique needs.

Fully-Managed Scrub and Lab Coat Programs

If you need help getting scrubs and lab coats that are specific to your medical center or staff, you can design your own program with us. You can do this by:

  1. Selecting the scrubs or lab coats styles you want
  2. Choosing an inventory management program
  3. Picking a storage solution
  4. Adding guarantee options

You can choose from a variety of scrubs, lab coats, and warm-up jackets from reliable manufacturers, and we will size your staff before the program starts to ensure that you have the right amount of each size on hand. All apparel can even be personalized for your staff members by embroidering with logos and/or lettering.

Solutions For Your Staff

Once you select the scrubs or lab coats you need, we offer you inventory management programs, by either individual or size, based on your needs. You can then add storage solutions such as hampers and optional programs such as proactive replacement or guarantees.

You can rely on our fully-managed scrub and lab coat programs to ensure you never run out of the inventory you need.

To learn about our fully-managed scrub and lab coat solutions, contact ImageFIRST by calling 1-800-932-7472.

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