First Aid Services to Keep Your Staff Safe

Lifesaving Fully Managed First Aid Solutions

Keep your company prepared for any workplace accidents with ImageFIRST’s First Aid services. Our ANSI-compliant worry-free first aid cabinet service, AED program management, and eye wash station programs stock your team with all the necessary tools to keep staff protected in case of emergency. With low upfront costs and routine monthly services, this first aid management program is not only a desirable option, but a potentially lifesaving one.

This workplace first aid program provides first aid cabinet stocking and management services, AED program management, and eye wash station programs so your team will always be prepared for any emergency.

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AED Program

Seconds matter when a heart goes into sudden cardiac arrest. Our easy-to-use, industry-leading AED units equip your staff with the best resources in case of sudden cardiac arrest.

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First Aid Box*

Our First Aid Box is fully equipped with everything from bandages, soothing creams, splints, and more - giving your staff everything they’ll need to stay protected and on the job.

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Eye Wash Stations*

An eye injury needs to be tended to quickly and we keep you stocked in the event of an emergency. Our Eye Wash station program meets OSHA requirements and provide the most thorough wash.

First Aid and CPR Training

Provide your staff with peace of mind with our corporate CPR, first aid, and defibrillator training programs are available in multiple formats to meet your needs.

*Availability varies by market.

Be Rescue Ready with First Aid Management Services

Our ANSI-compliant first aid solutions offer a fully customizable approach to safety planning. You can choose the workplace first aid program that fits your needs best and mix and match items to create the perfect fit for your company. Our team of experts will handle the rest, ensuring that your staff is always stocked with the necessary tools to stay safe.

We also offer comprehensive training in CPR, first aid administration, and AEDs to ensure that your staff is fully equipped to handle any emergency. Our training is specifically designed for healthcare providers, making it the perfect option for hospitals and medical facilities.

Don’t leave the safety of your staff to chance. Let ImageFIRST’s First Aid Management program keep your company prepared for any workplace accident.

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