Going Above Hygienically Clean

Protect Patients & Staff with Triple BioShield Protection

The improvement of your patients' health is at the forefront of your health system or facility. However, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have been linked to readmissions after a patient’s stay.

That’s why we developed our Triple BioShield Protection® process, a comprehensive infection prevention system comprised of three steps that go beyond regulatory standards to help ensure your patients’ safety.

Going Above Hygienically Clean with Sanitized Laundry

The ImageFIRST Triple BioShield Protection consists of:

  • Triple Bioshield Creating a Zone of InhibitionDead on Contact: The advanced process sanitizes linens and garments, killing 99.999% of common pathogens.*
  • A Bacteria-Inhibitor “BacStat BioShield”: A softener and protective coating is applied to every product during the laundering process. This coating creates a zone of inhibition on our linen, which means that any bacteria that may land on the products during their use won’t be able to spread.*
  • Plastic Barrier: All our products are wrapped in plastic for delivery to ensure that your items are as clean when they get to you as they were when they left our plant.

Laundry Sanitation from ImageFIRST

How would you feel knowing your scrubs were laundered with some restaurant’s tablecloth or a mechanic’s uniform? Rest assured that ImageFIRST’s healthcare laundering and delivery processes properly protect patients and staff, even after the products have left our plant.

All our fully managed programs automatically include quality assurance and infection prevention that exceed standards — particularly with our Triple BioShield Protection. When you partner with ImageFIRST, you gain peace of mind knowing we go above and beyond to keep your patients safe.

We specialize in the healthcare industry, which offers a unique understanding of your number one goal: providing quality patient care. This also means we are well-versed in your challenges: improving your patients' experience, continuing your infection prevention efforts, focusing on your staff's engagement, and of course, cost containment.

* For supporting data, please contact Ecolab

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