Increase Safety with a Fully Managed ​Facility Services Program​

With the increase in cleanliness and safety concerns, businesses are looking for ways to minimize the spread of bacteria and keep common points of infection clean.

ImageFIRST offers fully managed facility services programs designed to control your costs through inventory management, and feature hospitality-inspired service, quality products and infection prevention that exceed standards.

Businesses, office buildings, funeral homes, financial institutions, fire stations, and manufacturing sites can trust our service reliability, which means our customers never experience supply shortages or missed deliveries, even at the peaks of the pandemic.

Your Fully Managed Programs Include:

Full Service: Get more than a delivery driver; get an extension of your team. Our supply chain and service reliability mean you'll never experience supply shortages or missed deliveries. With ImageFIRST, you get a Customer Advocate.
Infection Prevention: Get remarkable cleanliness and quality assurance. Our laundering wash is effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. With ImageFIRST, you get AssuranceFIRST.
Cost Management: Get proactive and ongoing inventory management, which is key to controlling your costs. With ImageFIRST, you get ValueFIRST.
Quality Products: We only provide quality, comfortable products, for complete satisfaction. With ImageFIRST, you get ComfortFIRST.

Quality Products

  • Floor Safety: Walk-off mats, logo mats, scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats, comfort flow mats
  • Microfiber Cleaning: Wet flat mops, scrubbers, dust mops, string mops, dusters, towels, buckets, handles and frames
  • Paper Products: Paper towels (hard wound, center pull) refills and dispensers, toilet paper refills and dispensers
  • Hand Hygiene: Soap refills and dispensers, hand sanitizer refills and dispensers (wall and stand)
  • Air Fresheners: Refills and dispensers
  • Restrooms Floor Mats: Urinal mats, commode mats
  • COVID: Sanitizing mats, COVID-communication mats

Get a fully-managed facility services program today!