Emergecy Eye Wash Station Program

Be Prepared For Any Unexpected Eye Emergency

ImageFIRST's First Aid program offers a comprehensive solution to keep your company prepared for any workplace accidents. One critical aspect of this program is the Eyewash station, which not only meets OSHA requirements but also ensures the most thorough wash in the event of eye emergencies. Workplace accidents can happen unexpectedly, and eye emergencies are no exception. Having a well-maintained and properly functioning workplace Eyewash station is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of your staff.

Product Features

Our SureScan™ Eyewash Station meets OSHA regulation 29CFR 1910.151 for secondary eyewash. These emergency Eyewash Stations comes fully stocked with two 16 oz bottles ready for immediate use. As part of our SureScan™ Restocking System, your dedicated ImageFIRST representative will refill and service your business quickly and accurately with a visual check, barcode scan, or RFID scan - which is all built-in technology. The glass front of the cabinet is designed for quick identification in an emergency and the clear signage on the front makes 'Eye Wash Station' highly visible.

  • RFID and barcode scan technology enabled
  • Sterile saline solution provides gentle eye cleansing
  • Clear cover for visibility and mirror for self-treatment
  • Required in many workplaces with chemical hazards or airborne contaminants

How it Works: Our Comprehensive Workplace Eyewash Station Program

  1. Place your order and we'll do the rest. We install your Eyewash station at no upfront cost.
  2. We ensure your unit is tested and operating correctly with monthly eyewash station maintenance.
  3. Your representative will regularly perform eyewash station inspections and will stock, maintain and replenish your program to ensure you are ready should an emergency occur.
  4. Easy low-cost monthly billing.
  5. Staff can enjoy peace of mind knowing their safety is your priority!

Ensures Peace of Mind:

  • Employees feel safe knowing their eyewash stations are inspected, maintained, and ready to use.
  • Eye wash stations must be within a 10-second walk from any hazardous materials.
  • Treating within the first 10-15 seconds of exposure reduces damage to the eye.
  • ANSI Standards require regular testing and maintenance, so the station is ready to use in case of emergency.

One Trusted Partner for Your First Aid & Safety Needs

In addition to our Eyewash Station Program, our team also offers safety training, first aid kit management, and AED programs. Ask your local representative for additional details.

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