The Impact of Plush Patient Gowns on the Patient Experience

How the Switch to ImageFIRST’s Exclusive Comfort Care Line Led to a Dramatic Increase in Patient Perception for Eastside Medical Center

Eastside Medical Center, part of Piedmont Healthcare, makes continuous efforts toward improving patient perception and satisfaction. This inpatient/outpatient medical facility in Georgia has two outpatient women’s imaging centers: Loganville Digital Imaging and Eastside Medical Center Imaging. After realizing that its patient gowns were not providing an exceptional patient care experience, the facility decided to make a change.

Eastside Medical Center Facts

310 beds
2 outpatient imaging centers
450 physicians on staff
Annual inpatient load: 10,567 patients
Annual outpatient load: 8,417 patients

Outpatients absolutely rave about our new plush robes. Some have stated they actually feel pampered, and our returning patients immediately noticed our new style. Thanks for helping us get these in place so easily.

Sharon M. Eastside Medical Center, Snellville, GA

Before Switching to ImageFIRST

A.V. Hannah, Director of Environmental Services at Eastside Medical, had become frustrated with his facility’s provider of patient gowns and robes. The gowns at the imaging centers were often missing ties, the inventory management was ineffective, and the quality assurance was minimal. Having always been dedicated to customer service and hospitality, A.V. Hannah was aware of the trend in outpatient medical centers – especially women’s health facilities –to focus on patient comfort and satisfaction.

The Switch to ImageFIRST

After being introduced to ImageFIRST’s Comfort Care line of patient robes and gowns – specially designed with patient comfort in mind – Hannah decided to give the robe and gowns a try. Customizing them with an embroidered Eastside Medical logo, Hannah was excited about introducing the Comfort Care product line to patients in his imaging centers but he was unprepared for the immediate, overwhelmingly positive feedback the new gowns generated.

Comfort Care Case Study 5X

When Eastside Medical switched to ImageFIRST, patient perception soared — with 5 times more patients reporting a favorable impression of the facility than before.

After the Switch to ImageFIRST

The proof came from surveys Hannah conducted at the outpatient imaging centers before and after the switch to the Comfort Care line. In the first survey, 153 patients that had used the existing patient robes were asked, “Did the robe/gown give you a favorable impression of the Health System?” Only 30 of them (20%) reported a favorable impression.

According to Hannah, “The plush robe is so incredible, our patients actually love it.” Among the reviews of Comfort Care robes, several patients noted that they felt more like they were spending a day at the spa than at a medical facility. A few survey respondents commented, “I wish I had one of these robes at home!” Hannah was so impressed with the response that he sent the Comfort Care robes to his facility’s Mother-Baby Unit to consider replacing their gowns with the Comfort Care products.

“The product’s done wonders for our patient satisfaction, and I’m now trying to bring ImageFIRST to more of our facilities.” ImageFIRST was able to exceed Eastside Medical’s expectations and did so without having to increase the price from their former patient gown provider.

The Benefits of Greater Patient Perception

Eastside Medical has always been committed to giving their patients a positive and comfortable experience. When A.V. Hannah saw an area of patient discontent, he made the decision to change his facility’s processes. The Comfort Care line prompted immediate and dramatic improvements in Eastside Medical’s patient perception. Since switching to the Comfort Care white robe and tan gown, Eastside Medical has seen continuous improvements in patient perception and satisfaction scores. Furthermore, ImageFIRST has helped free up valuable time and resources by helping manage the gown inventory, so Hannah and his team are able to focus on delivering quality care and keeping patients as comfortable as possible.


A.V. Hannah

Eastside Medical Center

A.V. Hannah is a highly skilled and accomplished professional in the field of environmental services. He has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare arena, where he has served many roles, including engineering, biomed, facilities director and director of environmental services. Hannah has worked for the Marriott hotel chain, Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, UGA School of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, GA, Dunwoody Medical Center in Atlanta and, most recently, Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, GA. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is his passion for customer service and his high standards for providing quality hospitality.

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About The ImageFIRST Comfort Care® Line

ImageFIRST’s Comfort Care line of patient gowns and robe are specially designed with patient comfort in mind. Made of incredibly soft material, the robes are so cozy that patients will want to wear them home! By increasing the comfort of your patients, you maximize their perception of your facility and the care you’re providing.

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