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Wink INDY™: Most Comfortable Scrubs for Healthcare Workers

Have you heard about the Wink INDY™ line of scrubs from ImageFIRST? This Platinum Level collection is among the most comfortable scrubs available for healthcare workers.

In this article, we’ll describe Wink INDY scrubs, including how they fit and why they are an excellent choice. We’ll also explain the ImageFIRST Scrub Program, which brings additional benefits to your employees, patients, and community.

How Should Scrubs Fit? Finding the Perfect Fit with the Wink INDY Line

Scrubs should always be well-fitted to the frame and comfortably snug along the body’s contours without being tight. Pants should hit just above the ankle and must be adjustable for a close fit at the waist to prevent bunching or slipping when the person bends over. Jackets and tops should have sleeves that end at or above the wrists or elbows without excess fabric that could catch on nearby objects.

Wink INDY scrubs from ImageFIRST are made of 4-way stretch fabric, ensuring a versatile stretch in multiple directions that consistently reverts to its original fit, avoiding warping or loss of shape. Each garment is carefully contoured to fit the body comfortably and uses 100% soft-touch polyester.

These scrub tops, pants, and warm-up jackets complement all shapes and sizes, helping everyone on your staff feel confident in their workwear. Garments have in-demand features like pockets, badge loops, ladies’ and unisex fits, and a wide variety of inclusive sizes from XS to 5XL with tall and petite options.

Women’s V-Neck Tops

  • Modern fit
  • Two lower pockets
  • Flat loop at the shoulder
  • Vented bottom pants hems

Unisex V-Neck Tops

  • Hidden lower pockets
  • Triple pocket at the chest
  • Flat loop at the shoulder
  • Vented bottom shirt hem

Unisex Warm-up Jackets

  • Two lower pockets and one chest pocket
  • Triple pocket at the chest
  • Flat loop at the shoulder
  • Hidden snap buttons on the front
  • Soft rib knit jacket cuffs

Women’s Utility Cargo Pants

  • Full elastic waist with an adjustable drawstring
  • Two front pockets, one cargo pocket, and one back pocket
  • Vented bottom pants hems

Unisex Utility Cargo Pants

  • Adjustable drawstring waist and elastic back
  • Two front slash pockets, one cargo pocket, and one back pocket

For more information about sizing and fit, please see the Scrub Fit Guide.

How Do Comfortable Scrubs Enhance the Staff and Patient Experience?

High-quality uniforms elevate your team’s appearance and overall comfort, enabling them to perform at their best. With comfortable scrubs, they experience unrestricted movement, allowing them to twist and turn without concerns about their workwear meeting the rigorous demands of healthcare.

Your patients notice the difference, and the positivity spreads throughout your facility. Plus, the cohesive uniforms contribute to the perception of your staff as dependable and trustworthy.

Wink INDY scrubs come in 5 healthcare-friendly colors: black, pewter, navy, royal, and wine. Select your color and, if desired, embroider your healthcare facility’s name and logo on all scrubs to further enhance your brand perception.

The ImageFIRST Scrub Program

Add Wink INDY scrubs to your ImageFIRST Scrub Program to improve scrub management, promote infection control, and protect everyone at your facility, including employees and patients. Our scrub services take the hassle out of healthcare garment inventory management. We’ll also examine your garments for wear and tear, ensuring sub-par garments never remain in your inventory.

The program aligns with the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) perioperative practice guidelines for surgical attire, ensuring your healthcare company maintains high standards of safety and hygiene. AORN’s guidelines are the official and evidence-based standards for perioperative practice in the United States.

With Wink INDY scrubs, ImageFIRST also uses the latest in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track garments and manage your inventory. This method minimizes loss and streamlines your scrub distribution, ensuring you’re always getting the most out of your resources.

How to See the Wink INDY™ Line of Scrubs

ImageFIRST can provide a Wink INDY scrub program whether you are looking to elevate your existing program or you are ready to start a program for your facility. Our services are flexible and adaptable to your needs including fluctuating patient loads and inventory adjustments.

Patient satisfaction and customer satisfaction are top priorities for us. We hold a 97% customer retention rate, which is among the highest rates in our industry.

If you choose Wink INDY scrubs in the ImageFIRST Scrub Program, you’ll benefit from our rigorous 5-point product quality system. We’ll help you stay compliant with guidelines from the nation’s leading health and safety organizations.

Ready to see the Wink INDY line for yourself? Simply set up an appointment with us, and we’ll show you the superior quality and benefits of these comfortable scrubs.

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