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Healthcare Laundry Services for Northern Virginia

Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, medical facilities throughout the Northern Virginia region and the country juggle a lot.

Improving care outcomes is naturally the primary goal, as is – and always was – infection control. In the past decade however, administrators have also turned to better understanding the care experience their patients receive. In recent years, driven by nurse shortages, staff satisfaction and retention has also risen to the top. All this while managing a bottom line.

Working with a partner that not only understands these challenges but can dovetail solutions into them is helpful. Designed exclusively for Northern Virginia medical providers (outpatient and inpatient), that’s how linen rental and laundry services programs from ImageFIRST work.

All ImageFIRST programs include:

Wash and quality processes to prevent infections: “Be Safe” is one of our Values – whether it’s for your patients and staff or ours. That’s why our laundering meets or exceeds OSHA, CDC and HLAC standards and complies with The Joint Commission requirements. We go beyond recommended regulations of “hygienically” clean.

Linen to help patients’ comfort and experience: Northern Virginia patients can benefit from cozy patient gowns and bright white bed sheets.

Full-service programs to alleviate staff & clinicians’ workload: Get more than a delivery driver with your very own Customer Advocate from ImageFIRST Northern Virginia. S/he is an extension of your team, driving your program to free up clinicians from linen management.

Proactive linen inventory control to contain costs: Beyond delivery/pick up and laundering throughout the Northern Virginia region, we proactively look at your linen inventory vs. your patient load to ensure you have what you need without overpaying for too much.

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ImageFIRST partners with outpatient (standalone, surgery centers) and inpatient (hospitals outpatient departments) providers in Northern Virginia with comprehensive medical linen services.

Interested to learn more about how your facility in Northern Virginia can benefit from ImageFIRST’s fully managed linen and laundry services? Get a consultation and estimate today.

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Are you located outside the state?

We service all major U.S. markets. Enter your zip to get connected with your local ImageFIRST office.

Northern Virginia Areas Serviced by Our Location

Healthcare providers looking to extend their team with the right hospital linen services and laundry partner in the Northern Virginia region can rely on ImageFIRST. With over five decades of laundry knowledge and a dedication to healthcare, we know your primary goal is compassionate care for great outcomes, and we are here to help.

We service inpatient and outpatient facilities in and between these major cities of Northern Virginia:

  • Alexandria, VA
  • Old Town, VA
  • Manassas, VA
  • Chantilly, VA
  • Leesburg, VA
  • Dumfries, VA

Customer service is great, especially when we need things out of the norm. It is always handled. ImageFIRST always takes care of us!

Wendy D. CCRM Fertility North Virginia, Vienna, VA

Medical Scrubs, Patient Gowns & Bed Linen Programs for Enhanced Northern Virginia Patient Comfort

Elite medical providers and health systems know that a healing hospital environment helps. Backed by studies, a healing environment has shown to lower a patient’s stress and improve recovery, to name just a few of the reported benefits. Healing environments can result in better outcomes, lessen the length of a stay, and even increase staff satisfaction.

Creating a healing environment comprises of many facets, and comfort is one.

While we can’t help with all facets, we can help with comfort. Our linen programs provide healthcare facilities comfy patient gowns that offer full coverage. Bright white bed sheets and pillows. Cozy Comfort Care gowns guaranteed to increase patient perception of a facility. Consider the positive impact of fresh scrubs on doctors and nurses, on a clinician entirely focused on the patient, and not distracted by whether they will have clean scrubs for their next shift.

Your linen impacts comfort. We can help.

Whether you need patient linen and apparel program, or medical scrub and storage – or both! - we got you covered. Our healthcare laundry services in the Northern Virginia region free up your staff from managing linen so they can do what they do best: providing great care.

Your ImageFIRST Northern Virginia team is ready to help. Benefit from the one-on-one service of a local partner with the power and expertise of a national provider.

Introducing the ImageFIRST Northern Virginia Team

Branch Manager Marc Cramer and the entire ImageFIRST team has been servicing providers in Northern Maryland with superior healthcare laundry services. But beyond crisp sheets, patient gowns or medical scrubs, the Northern Virginia team also supports their local communities.

The local Customer Advocates and team live our Purpose. They assist their customers with linen needs while going above and beyond to positively impact the doctors and nurses they work alongside with every day.

The ImageFIRST Northern Virginia associates work with other ImageFIRST locations to volunteer and/or donate money to local charitable organizations such as the Young Men Discovering Paths, TEC Centro, and various foundations that focus specifically on education. Whether it’s during our Community Giving Day held every year in the fall, or our quarterly community giving activities, Marc and the team can be trusted to be there!

ImageFIRST's Northern Virginia Team

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Services Northern Virginia

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Contact Us about Healthcare Laundry Services in Northern Virginia

For a linen consultation and program cost estimate for a fully managed linen rental and laundry program in the Northern Virginia area, call us at 800-932-7472 or fill out the form below:

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ImageFIRST Northern Virginia supplies medical providers weekly, including outpatient facilities, ambulatory surgery center, health systems, or hospitals’ departments with remarkable linens and laundry services.

Looking for Hospital Linen Services outside Northern Virginia?

Not in Virginia? For the past five decades, ImageFIRST has grown to be the largest national healthcare-only laundry provider serving health systems and hospitals. Our locations assist over 14,000 medical facilities nationally on a weekly basis. We are located in all major markets in the contiguous United States. Type in your zip code to get connected with an ImageFIRST partner in your area.