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Finding Medical Linen Services to Meet All of Your Needs

A busy hospital or health system requires a substantial amount of medical linens every day. Each item must be stored, used, cleaned, tracked, sorted, and replaced while minimizing costs and inventory loss.

The comfort and quality of these items will enhance or detract from the overall experience. Patient and staff experiences play a key role in maintaining the success of any medical facility.

ImageFIRST medical linen services help solve common challenges, including customer/patient satisfaction, inventory utilization, product loss, fluctuating patient census, and cost management. Here’s what you need to know about opting for a comprehensive hospital linen service.

Fully Managed Hospital Linen Services

Every piece of linen in hospital settings endures a rigorous routine of use, cleaning, and restocking. Suppose the facility handles this process entirely in-house. In that case, the staff faces the daily battle of maintaining the right level of inventory for the patient load while keeping an eye on essentials, including budget, hygiene, and the inevitable wear and tear on garments and linens.

When medical facilities handle laundry and linen inventory in-house, they face the challenge of bearing the substantial costs associated with maintaining processing equipment, impacting their overall operational expenses.

A fully managed outsourced linen program solves multiple challenges simultaneously. Comprehensive programs allow medical facilities to consolidate many types of linen, laundry, and facility needs into a single reliable solution.

You deserve a customer-focused representative and single point of contact for linen services, which ImageFIRST calls a Customer Advocate. This is someone who makes their partners’ needs a priority and stays in close contact.

The Customer Advocate works proactively to ensure the linen inventory remains stable. This arrangement also frees your staff’s valuable time so they can focus on patient care and positive experiences.

When a change in needs or an emergency arises, the Customer Advocate partners with the medical facility to find a fast and complete solution. They can even arrange same-day linen services during a sudden surge in demand. Over time, they help make adjustments to ensure your fully managed linen program is customized to your needs.

Cost and Inventory Management

Staying on budget is crucial at a healthcare organization, so cost and inventory management is a top priority for ImageFIRST. We adjust to your staff size, patient occupancy, and needs to stay within your available budget. We understand the importance of financial responsibility and are committed to working with your hospital to drive down the cost per adjusted patient day.

A comprehensive linen management solution guarantees a continuous supply of linens and garments for your staff and patients. Optimize your inventory over time to ensure your staff is equipped with the appropriate amount of linens, whether during busy periods or lighter periods.

Our routine cadence of customer visits includes Goodwill Visits, Quarterly Needs Assessments, and end-user surveys. This robust reporting, by department and by location, will be summarized during these account reviews and ensures you have insights into your ImageFIRST program.

We also offer technology like RFID tagging and electronic monitoring to prevent loss and keep your associates accountable. Linen loss is a major problem and industry statistics from indicate 90% of linens don’t reach their full usable potential due to loss.

Leaders in Infection Prevention

We guarantee that we will maintain industry-leading hygienic standards, providing hand-inspected linens and individually wrapped gowns. The fully managed linen program includes data and reporting to provide valuable insights into your program use. You’ll also benefit from a routine cadence of goodwill visits, quarterly needs assessments, and end-user meetings.

As we clean and manage your linens, we use Triple BioShield Protection® to kill 99.999% of common pathogens. Your linens are safeguarded by plastic wrappings, ensuring their protection from contamination during transportation.

With 46 locations and counting, ImageFIRST has the highest number of Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) accredited locations in the United States. Your linen processing will exceed the minimums set by agencies like the CDC, OSHA, The Joint Commission, and the HLAC.

Choose the Program to Meet Your Needs

When you choose to partner with ImageFIRST, you’re choosing a comprehensive solution that spans the entirety of your hospital. We are committed to customizing our offerings to perfectly fit each department, ensuring seamless service throughout your entire healthcare organization. Here’s a look at our assortment of programs.

The Imaging/Breast Center Program

  • Cozy and comfortable Comfort Care gowns and robes
  • Mammography gowns and capes
  • Reversible full-coverage gowns
  • Luxurious flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases
  • Exceptionally soft fleece blankets
  • Warm, soft plush robes

The Mother and Baby Program

  • Comfort Care gowns for mothers
  • Soft fleece baby blankets
  • Cozy and soft baby blankets, t-shirts, and pajamas
  • Maternity gowns featuring skin-to-skin access and a modesty cut
  • Reversible full-coverage gowns
  • Fitted baby crib sheets and receiving blankets
  • Flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases for adults
  • Suede touch reversible bedspreads
  • Absorbent bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths
  • Baby burp cloths and diapers
  • Plush robes

The Sleep Center Program

  • Warm and relaxing Comfort Care gowns and robes
  • Luxurious flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases
  • Soft fleece blankets
  • Suede touch reversible bedspreads
  • Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths
  • Cozy adult and children's pajamas

If you have questions about the list above, just ask us for more information. Your satisfaction matters to us and it’s our goal to find the right solutions for your entire healthcare organization.

ImageFIRST: Your Single-Source Medical Linen Services

As the leading single-source provider of laundry, facility, and linen services for the U.S. healthcare industry, ImageFIRST delivers comprehensive programs for health systems. From specialty departments that require plush linens and gowns to the core items needed for high-volume patient areas, we will design a program to fit your requirements.

You can rely on us for outstanding service. We serve health systems throughout the country, supporting their varied inpatient and outpatient needs. With fair pricing and remarkable results, we’re proud to have an industry-leading 97% customer retention rate.

Our customer advocates work tirelessly to ensure you always get the most out of your fully managed hospital linen services. Please contact us to learn more and discuss how we can meet your needs.

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