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5 Scrub Rental Service Benefits for Outpatient Facilities

Clean, high-quality medical scrubs are in high demand. As the need for healthcare surges across the U.S. and around the world, healthcare companies urgently need scrub rental services to supply and cleanse a large volume of scrubs.

Is your outpatient facility using a scrub rental service, or is it still washing and restocking them in-house? Are you working with a sub-par scrub supplier and considering making a change? Here are five benefits of exploring your options and choosing the right scrub rental service.

Customizable and Fully-Managed Scrub Programs

There’s a big difference between just having your facility’s scrubs cleaned and choosing a fully managed scrub solution. A full-service partner designs a customized program to provide the exact amount of scrubs you need at the right times. In addition, your partner maintains your scrubs carefully with ongoing cleaning and inventory management.

ImageFIRST helps each healthcare facility create a tailored approach to optimal scrub levels. We use the VAULTSystem to track and dispense scrubs easily for your staff, minimizing the hassles of managing these essential medical garments.

We also provide reassurances like Same-Day Medical Linens for urgent needs and the Garment Guarantee, which is built into your scrub rental program to automatically replace any missing scrubs. This provides peace of mind that everyone at your location will have the scrubs they need on hand at all times.

Your staff’s scrubs can be embroidered and personalized to suit your brand and help your employees keep track of their garments. We’ll help size your employees and ensure your facility always has the correct amount of each size in its clean scrub inventory.

Customer Advocate Who Understands Your Needs

Scrub management shouldn’t take up the precious time your staff needs to provide outstanding patient care. When you opt to use a full-scale scrub rental service, this choice shifts the focus back to your patients.

With ImageFIRST, you have a dedicated Customer Advocate who works as your partner to manage your scrub plan, delivery, pickup, cleaning, inventory, sizing, replacement, and more. Whenever you have a concern or a question, you can turn to your customer advocate for fast answers and follow-up.

If your outpatient facility is looking to improve its reputation in the community through greater patient and staff satisfaction ratings, consider switching to ImageFIRST. We have a long track record of helping our clients improve their scores. At a Florida surgical clinic, 95% of survey respondents gave 4 or 5 out of 5 stars for the VAULTSystem of managing scrubs.

Comfortable, Quality Scrubs for Your Staff

Comfortable staff leads to better patient care. No matter what your medical specialty is, we offer a variety of colors and styles to complement your brand. ImageFIRST offers a wide range of sizes - including petites and tall - for the most comfortable fit for every staff member. Choose Gold, Silver, or Bronze level scrubs depending on your preferences and budget.

For example, our Bronze level scrubs are heavyweight 50/50 blend scrubs, tops, pants, and warm-up jackets are comfortable for all staff while remaining extremely durable.

A specialty outpatient surgical center might choose Gold level scrubs for maximum style and comfort. Choose from XS to 5XL, including tall and petite sizing, and know that these Gold level scrubs will be long-lasting and comfortable for your staff.

Industry-Leading Infection Prevention

In the healthcare industry, infection prevention is always a top-of-mind concern. ImageFIRST is dedicated to remaining an industry leader in infection prevention and quality assurance.

We operate the highest number of HLAC-accredited laundry facilities in the United States and use techniques like Triple BioShield protection, dead-on-contact washing, bacteria-inhibiting BacStat BioShield softeners, plastic bag barriers, and rigorous transportation procedures. We take care to ensure there is no cross-contamination between soiled and clean garments at any stage in the process.

ImageFIRST’s procedures are proven to be effective against COVID-19 and 99.999% of infectious pathogens. Our protection goes above hygienically clean to help healthcare facilities maintain strict cleanliness standards.

Enhanced Scrub Tracking

Do you track your scrubs end-to-end through the cleaning process to ensure they always go where they should? ImageFIRST uses a radio frequency identification (RFID) solution known as ID-360 to provide wireless tracking through technology.

Identify and keep track of your items with this safe, secure inventory management option. Your ImageFIRST service team uses ID-360 to scan items, track them in real time, and provide effective inventory management so you can rest assured your scrubs are moving along safely.

ImageFIRST: Your Premier Scrub Rental Service

At ImageFIRST, our fully managed scrub rental program and industry-leading disinfection processes help your facility and staff remain clean and comfortable. Interested in learning how our scrub rental program works? Take a look at our scrub management case study below.

Read the Scrub Management Case Study

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